Public safety mission critical forces across the world are constantly searching for innovative and integrated wireless communications solutions to enhance effective operations, improve situation awareness, make smarter and faster decisions and respond faster to evolving situations to protect the public and save lives.

The ability to communicate consistently and to share real time information is the fundamental requirement for all mission critical operations.

Together with our partner Motorola, we are providing turnkey integrated solutions for communications, when lives are at stake and system failure is not an option.

TETRA. Always available!

TETRA Turn-Key-Solution

We aim to provide full turn-key solutions, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met, and we strive to provide a best in class service. For us Turn-Key means:

  • to follow you during the whole project and identify together all related needs and requirements.
  • to plan the project with due care and select only best-of-breed vendors
  • to deploy the overall network with the support of a local systems integrator (of your choice)
  • to ensure that your people and our support people are fully trained on the whole system to be able to operate and maintain it
  • to support you in operations as long as you need
  • to offer optionally maintenance and operations services


A standard for you
TETRA was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, (police forces, fire departments, ambulance) for public safety networks, rail transport staff for train radios, transport services and the military.

We deliver availability and reliability without compromises, reassuring that the systems and radio will be running. Different stages of redundancy (element level, component level and system level) can be provided to to achieve this goal.

Security and Privacy
A highly important requirement for mission critical communications is to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access to the network.

With our know-how gained from eGovernment envirnments we can ensure that the overall system has all important security requirements applied.

TetraPro Middleware
Our Application Programming Environment enables the customer to implement locally adapted Apps to enhance the functionality of the TETRA system.

Basically TETRA can provide VOICE and CRITICAL DATA services. However the difference is in the detail. Currently only TETRA can fulfill the mission critical needs for a public safety radio network.

More detail
List of key-requirements that need to be concretized:

  • spectrum & regulatory approval
  • coverage and capacity
  • security
  • interoperability
  • resilience
  • set-to-set operation (direct mode)
  • multi-vendor
  • voice requirements
  • data requirements
  • support control room applications (GIS, CAD, dispatch)
  • future proven

Guaranteed service Requirements

  • under normal conditions
  • during incidents
  • planned capacity for emergency handling
  • semi-duplex (only one channel per group per site)
  • reliability inherent in the standard (trunking –local site trunking – direct mode operation)

Fast group communications requirements

  • fast set-up time
  • good dispatching
  • dynamic group management

Specific functionality requirements

  • emergency calls (pre-emptive)
  • reliable and high security
  • monitoring, status messages
  • Excellent voice quality

We work with best of breed Equipment Vendor to ensure highest quality also in Hardware and Software.

Furthermore we can provide support for financing your end-to-end system in order to start your deployment at the time you need it.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.