Based on your specific needs we can also provide a DMR turn-key solution. We plan, implement and maintain DMR systems and together with applications that enable you to use DMR beyond its standard functions. Depending upon your requirements, the operating mode can be flexibly configured to operate in conventional (Tier II) or in trunking mode (Tier III). Furthermore the DMR radio system is interoperable with DMR terminal devices from a vast amount of different vendors.

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DMR. To repalce your old analogue (PMR) system.

DMR Turn-Key-Solution

We aim to provide full turn-key solutions, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met, and we strive to provide a best in class service. For us Turn-Key means:

  • to follow you during the whole project and identify together all related needs and requirements.
  • to plan the project with due care and select only best-of-breed vendors
  • to deploy the overall network with the support of a local systems integrator (of your choice)
  • to ensure that your people and our support people are fully trained on the whole system to be able to operate and maintain it
  • to support you in operations as long as you need
    to offer optionally maintenance and operations services

A standard for you
DMR is a ‘no brainer’ for analogue (PMR) users looking to upgrade their current solution. You can expect more functionality, security, performance but using the same existing infrastructure.

We deliver availability and reliability without compromises, reassuring that the systems and radio will be running. Different stages of redundancy (element level, component level and system level) can be provided to to achieve this goal.

Security and Privacy
A highly important requirement is to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access to the network.

With our know-how gained from eGovernment envirnments we can ensure that the overall system has all important security requirements applied.

TetraPro Middleware
Our Application Programming Environment enables the customer to implement locally adapted Apps to enhance the functionality of the DMR system.

The shift from analogue to digital communication technology is in full swing. DMR introduces users
to a digital technology with proven interoperability among terminals and systems from different manufacturers.

  • High operational reliability
  • Available for both VHF and UHF frequencies, resulting in easy radio coverage planning and usage of existing radio site locations
  • efficient and easy to use
  • provides voice and data services
  •  conventional (Tier II) or in trunking mode (Tier III) infrastructure solution

We work with best of breed Equipment Vendor to ensure highest quality also in Hardware and Software.

Furthermore we can provide support for financing your end-to-end system in order to start your deployment at the time you need it.

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