Our Professional Services portfolio provides a broad spectrum of services including network planning, design, optimization, integration, applications development and  support services. We support multi-vendor networks with a full range of end-to-end services along with consultative expertise.

Our approach to address your requirements:

  • Field-proven methods built for your industry.
  • Innovative software solutions providing additional solution paths.
  • Advanced agile methods that allow us to ensure quality while reducing time to market.

Consulting Services

We have extensive knowledge of the technologies and trends in the industry and related Critical Communications. Together, we can propose a solution customized to your process, which will provide optimal efficiency.

Solution Design

Our solutions architects are trained to help you solve your operational and business challenges through technology. From planning to designing network infrastructure to developing custom software, we craft solutions that are tailored to fit your business needs.

System Integration Services

Together with our partners and our experts from the field, we provide comprehensive systems integration services for existing or green field environments. Our services consultants provide systems integration with a combination of common sense, industry experience and best practice.

Project Management

Our professional services teams are inherently project teams. Every customer job is a project and the goal is to deliver the customers’s requirements on time and on budget, while maintaining your own organization’s profitability.


One of the most critical phases within a critical communications project revolves around an adequate training phase. A proper training curriculum will enable our customers and end-users to uperate, maintain and use their systems in a sustainable fashion. Trainings during installation, train on the job after start of the operation and refreshment courses are important to transfer as much knowledge to our customers as possible to run a critical communications network.

Training services include:

  • Standard end-user courses including train-the-trainer
  • Technical staff courses for network managers
  • Technical staff courses for maintenance teams
  • provision of knowledge base and day-to-day usage
  • Customized training for specific needs