EOSS Industries is an independent industry holding based in Graz, Austria. The group comprises around twenty international companies in the fields of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), the manufacturing industry and health care.

EOSS provides funding, management know-how, strategic exchanges and opportunities to broaden its subsidiaries perspectives.

Shoulder-to-shoulder EOSS works together intensively with its companies and offers hands-on support where and whenever it is needed. The team focuses on disrupting old habits, allowing new ways of thinking, implementing new processes, merging good ideas/companies and restructuring old systems. Link to EOSS.

The affiliated companies of PST in the software / systems integration environment include the companies:

  • ACL – A Leading Software and Outsourcing Provider of Large Retail Stores and Brands in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with Profound Process Expertise and Professional Software Solutions for Online and Stationary Trading
  • Ranorex – A Leading Manufacturer of a Globally Successful Automated GUI Testing Software
  • 7iD Technologies – A Center of Excellence in Professional Mobile applications and Electronic Identities
  • PrimeSign – A Manufacturer of Modern SaaS Solutions for Electronic Signature based on European Legal Standards